Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Nothing gets as much attention as a gorgeous, shimmering piece of dichroic glass jewelry. Dichroic glass, with its ethereal, opal-like quality makes this wearable art unforgettable.

Dichroic coated glass has a fantastic mesmerizing play of light across and under its surface.  Dichroic glass is glass containing multiple micro-layers of metal oxides which give the glass dichroic optical properties. Dichroic glass was originally developed for aerospace, laser and vacuum coating industries. The main characteristic of dichroic glass is that it has a transmitted color and a completely different reflected color, as wavelengths of light either pass through or are reflected. This causes an array of color to be displayed. The colors shift depending on the angle of view.

The brilliance of dichroic glass cannot be experienced to its fullest by a photograph as the depth, patterns and color move with direct light or sun.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is created by hand with pride and extreme attention given to detail, achieving vibrant color combinations, textures and depth making a unique elegance.


Your total satisfaction is my goal. I hope that your purchase is the first of a collection or as a special gift. If you are not fully satisfied we will exchange the piece or refund the purchase price, less shipping charges.

Payment and Shipping Information

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About Glass Fire Designs
Each piece I create is individually hand crafted with great pride in the quality making each its own unique charm. All of my pieces are hand cut, ground, kiln fired and properly annealed for duarbility in my studio making each a wearable piece of art.

For many, many years I enjoyed different medias of arts and crafts, along with fine needlework. But now you can find me most days in my southern Arizona home enjoying the sun where my kiln is constantly going as I create what I have found to be my passion.

Custom orders are happily accepted.

Cords are not included but are for sale. Please e-mail me for details.